About Ara

It was in 1995 when I first stood in front of a microphone. During the summer of that year I had scholarship at Top Radio, in Madrid. A year later I completed my master degree in Journalism. In 2000 I moved to London where I began my career as a freelance voice over. Since then my career has revolved around the dubbing world. For four years I was the corporate voice of MTV Spain and worked closely with MTV Europe. I worked for several different voice over agencies in London who offered me the opportunity to dub for Euronews, Bloomberg Financial TV and many other companies. For twelve years I have dubbed all kinds of audios (areas of speech), including corporate videos, interviews, documentaries, promos, TV shows, to radio spots, eLearning and dubbing of films.

In 2005 I worked as a Spanish Coach for Brittany Murphy in the movie "Love and Other Disasters". It was then that I decided to extend my knowledge to the world of acting in the dub (although my first contact with the world of acting was during my college years in Madrid in 1996). It was in 2006 when I began my training as a professional actress for dubbing movies for three years.

For more than two years I have had my own high quality recording studio at home from which I do the majority of my work. The Internet has provided me with the opportunity to expand my portfolio of clients worldwide, delivering high quality recording, quickly, anywhere.