Introducing Ara Bosch, Spanish Voice Over

Hi, my name is Ara Bosch and I am a professionally trained female Spanish voice over with more than 10 years experience.  I have a soft and sensual voice, full of energy and passion. I have the ability to perform different character voices, across a broad octave range.  I have a relaxed and engaging style.

My voice is suitable for many different types of media including corporate videos, TV promos, radio adverts, video games, audio for websites, eLearning, documentaries and children’s cartoons.  

I have worked as a Spanish voice over both in London and Spain.  My clients are spread throughout the world and I work with most via the Internet delivering finished products (WAV/MP3) to their inboxes or web servers.

I have a state-of-the-art studio buried deep in the basement of my home, and perform most of my work from there.  I also have strong working relationships with many fully equipped professional studios with ISDN, for when the job requires it.  

Script adaptation is a regular component of my role as a Spanish voice over.  Scripts, when translated from English, often require subtle enhancements to give them cultural authenticity.  As a qualified journalist, I am ideally suited to perform this function.